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    Life Lessons: Teaching Kids Emotional Regulation

    The joys of parenting often include those days where we feel as though we may pull our own hair out if our kids don't stop whining, fighting, and being rude. "He's hitting me!" "I want a snack now...." "That's not fair!" We hear the phrases over and over. They drill little tiny holes into our brain that these kids love to keep making deeper and deeper, as we feel ourselves reaching the brink of sanity. Then finally, it happens. The meltdown. The small little feelings turn into a huge emotional overload. So, how do we get kids to understand these emotions, and handle them without melting down? Well, truth is,…

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    I’m Not Raising my Kids to Meet Your Standards

    I often find myself feeling like I can't compare to other moms. As a matter of fact, this week has been unusually hard for me as I deal with these typical "mom-guilt" feelings. Even though these feelings are pretty common for all parents, because we all fail sometimes, it's still hard to handle them when they bubble up and come to the surface. When I look at the silly and wild things my kids do, I find myself sometimes wondering where they will fit into this world, and where we fit into this world as a family. I refuse to raise my kids to meet anyone else’s standards. Truth is,…

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    Easily Organize Your Family This Year

    A couple years ago, my husband and I were stuck in a state of chaos and stress. It seemed like all we were doing was flying by the seat of our pants. Everything seemed to be last minute, appointments were missed (or nearly missed) left and right, and our home was a mess no matter how much we cleaned during the day. As a larger family, this was becoming simply too much to handle. We needed organization more than anything else, and it needed to happen quickly. Once we began taking small steps to organize our home, we realized just how disorganized we truly had been. So, we took our…

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    Nobody Ever Talks About Grief During the Holidays

    I find myself, yet again, sitting in my living room after the kids and husband have gone to sleep. This is the time that I take to myself and the time that I use to sit and unwind with my own thoughts. However, the holidays are not filled with the typical unwinding of the day. This is the time of year where my thoughts have been turned upside down, and tossed about like a rag doll, as I enjoy the beauty and joy of the holiday celebrations with my kids and family, while also feeling the powerful sting of grief and sadness.

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    Foolproof Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader

    I remember the day we were called into a parent teacher conference for our oldest. His teacher wanted to meet with us early to discuss some concerns she had. We knew that he struggled with homework, and had a gut feeling there was something else at play. Turned out, he had fallen behind his peers significantly in reading and comprehension. It's never easy to hear that your child is having trouble with something. As parents, we often want to take the blame. Have I made sure they read every day? Did I read with them enough when they were little? How did I not know? In all honesty though, it…

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    Combating Thrush While Breastfeeding

    If there is anything I have become an expert in with parenting, it's dealing with thrush while breastfeeding. Unfortunately, I have had more than my fair share of thrush problems. With my first baby, I had thrush over six times in two years. After I had my second, we had our first case of thrush before his fifth month of life. Trust me, if you're dealing with it right now, I feel your pain. The good news is that, thanks to all those painful experiences, I have learned just about every tip and trick along the way. After trying nearly every remedy (most didn't do squat by the way), hopefully…

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    Unique Ways to Teach Holidays From Around the World

    Teaching kids diversity is an important part of parenting, but getting tiny ears to listen and understand can be a huge challenge. I mean, getting them to listen to us for anything at times can seem impossible. However, there are some fun and interesting ways to get kids involved in learning about different holidays while we celebrate our own. Doing this not only opens them up to new holiday ideas, beliefs, and traditions, but it also allows them to have fun when learning about new cultures in general.

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    How to Survive Being Sick as A Parent

    We've all been there. You wake up, have that groggy and achy feeling. You can tell you don't feel well before you open your eyes. You realize quickly that you're sick. Crap. Super crap. This can't be happening. You might begin to start thinking of the ten million things you need to accomplish that day. Work, school, groceries, cleaning, kids....KIDS! Ugh, no. How can you be sick and take care of the kids? What kind of horrible torture is that?! Well, it's the life of a parent. Parenting while sick just plain sucks.

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    20 Perfect Gifts for Toddlers

    Figuring out what to get your kids is never easy. Toddlers can especially be difficult since their interests and tastes change with the wind. One of the best methods I have used with my own kids is to base their gifts off of their core values. I try to examine what they show interest in time and time again, even of the specifics change. This way, their gift can be enjoyed for years to come. This list is divided into categories of these types of character traits. Every single one of our toddlers are different, so their gifts should be too! Make shopping easy this year, and check out these…

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    Life Lessons: Teaching Kids Accountability

    Growing up, it's not unusual for kids to blame others, or anything else they can think of, for their actions. However, teaching them accountability can help them realize that it's okay to admit when they have done wrong. It's only human to want to avoid trouble. Most of us enjoy being recognized for our accomplishments, but are ashamed to admit what we have made some poor choices in our lives. I know I am. This life lesson is incredibly important for kids to learn as they grow and develop, so they don't have to struggle and learn the hard way later in life.