Vaughn Day at a Time - Family Photo

The Vaughns

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our page and read about our family. We would love to share some information about the family behind the curtain. We are all very unique and different from each other, so we each add something special to our crazy family. 

The Adults

There are two of us, most days anyway. Sometimes we aren’t too great at this adult business. 

Vaughn Day at a Time - Erin

Erin Vaughn


I am currently a Social Work student at Indiana Wesleyan University, getting ready to enter the last year of my degree next fall. This has been a long time coming because I have been in school since 2010, but had to take a break while in the Army. I have also had to transfer multiple times due to family moves, which also helps explain the length of time it has taken.

I am also a contracted ESL (English as a second language) teacher online with a Chinese company called Qkids. I LOVE my job!

One of my biggest hobbies is sewing, so you may see it mentioned every now and then. I am also the family budget maker, planner, etc. I like to have organization and it helps me be able to function with so many people in one house. 

Ben Vaughn


My husband is 31 and hails from Savannah, GA. He is an amazing and charismatic person. He brings joy to people all around him and can make any event entertaining. He is also finishing up his second degree in Radiation Therapy. He is a medically retired Army veteran, which is how we met! We were married at Kaneohe Bay, HI in October 2012.

Ben is obsessed with technology. Okay, maybe not obsessed, but he loves it. He is always informing me of new and fun gadgets that are being made. He also enjoys video games, which at this point, is usually something he does with the older kids when we all have the time. 

Ben is also the owner, operator, and kiltmaker of Vaughn Stop Kilt Shop, which specializes in modern kilts for infants and toddlers.

The Kids


The Oldest


Our oldest is a wonderful bonus I got when I married Ben. He is one of the sweetest and helpful kids I have ever met, and he is an amazing big brother to the younger three. 

 He has ADHD , and his diagnosis has introduced us into a new world of parenting.  He loves to play soccer and is an amazing artist. He also collects Pokemon cards (yep, they still exist). He also is extremely creative and has amazing leadership skills. 


The Kinder


This is little Mr. Kindergarten. He is action-packed 24/7. He loves to do anything that involves movement and energy. This is the kid that ran off in the sporting goods store just so he could go do crunches on the work-out equipment. I have no idea where he gets this from.  

He is also our most sensitive child, so far. Everything is taken to heart, and he feels empathy towards the entire world around him. He likes to swim, color, and follow his older brother around everywhere. 




This kid. This one right here. He is equal parts of chaos and intelligence. He gives us a run for our money every day. 

He is currently three years old and his favorite things to do include dancing, creating stories, and driving me mad. Kidding, kind of. He is insanely creative. He will come up with the most outrageous and interesting ideas. His recent ideas include the adventures of “Pon-tonk” which is a man who is made of pon-tonks (what he calls walnuts that fall from our tree). 


The Baby


Not much to say about the baby yet. She is our first daughter! So, it’s a whole new experience with her. So far she is a fairly easy going baby, and as her personality grows we will update. For now, just enjoy the cuteness.